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Simple. Intelligent. Lighting. Control.

Technology works best when it complements and enhances our lives.  And that’s what Clipsal SILC does.

Clipsal SILC combines technology (like your phone or tablet) with LED lighting with app control. The result – smarter, more efficient whole home lighting control. The Clipsal SILC Lighting Control System combines with LED lighting.

Easily installed by a licensed electrical contractor, it offers many features and benefits  over traditional lighting systems.

Clipsal SILC is installed by a licensed electrical contractor, using standard installation and wiring practices. It’s simple to configure with no programming required – so will work first time, without fuss!

Learn more about Clipsal SILC (PDF 2086 KB).

Lighting for Life

Effortlessly create the perfect mood at the touch of a button. Adjust the lighting to suit your specific needs.

Turn lights on or off and dim smoothly. Control individual lights, or groups of lights, or even multiple groups! Enjoy complete control of lighting anywhere in your home, at anytime.


Connect to your lighting via a smartphone or tablet, wherever you are in your home, for total convenience.


Wired throughout your home, its secure and reliable. You can also control your lighting using switches on the wall, if you’d like.


You and your home are unique. Personalise and adapt Clipsal SILC to match your lifestyle.


Easily reconfigure the Clipsal SILC app to provide the same level of convenience now and in the future.

Energy Saving

Dim the LED lighting with ease. A master-off switch  turns all lights off simultaneously.

Clipsal SILC App

Simply and conveniently control 
your lighting via an app on your smart
phone or tablet.

Clipsal SILC Downlights

Choose Clipsal SILC LED Downlights in Warm White or Cool White, Brushed Chrome or White Trim.

Clipsal Wall Switches

Wall switches are designed to suit your style and decor. 
Soft-touch buttons allow for easy on/off switching and dimming.