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Z-Wave is a world recognised wireless protocol able to connect different household and office devices via a secure link, similar to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Interoperability is at the core of Z-Wave. It has been defined at the application layer and through a comprehensive certification program; all products that carry the Z-Wave brand are guaranteed to be backwards compatible, always interoperable and future proof. Z-Wave uses ITU-T G.9959 rPHY/MAC with protocol stack from Sigma Designs. The international standard is maintained by Z-Wave Alliance. Z-Wave operates in the 900MHz band. In Australia and New Zealand Z-Wave uses 921.42 MHz radio frequency spectrum and works within a mesh topology. Z-Wave has a robust technical and market certi cation program. Z-Wave’s application space is home automation, light commercial, hospitality and some power metering.

The main benefit that sets Z-Wave apart from other technologies is it’s interoperability that is built in at the application layer. Z-Wave has over 1700+ products as of Q1 2017, that all work together seamlessly regardless of product brand or application. No other home control and monitoring technology even comes close.

Consumers can then access, control and monitor their home via a PC, tablet or smartphone. The mesh element of the network means that each device within a Z-Wave network can relay signals to the other devices; this allows the network to be extended easily and made even more robust with more connected devices. Up to 232 Z-Wave devices can connect to one Z-Wave hub. Z-Wave is ideal technology for homes and small businesses.


Z-Wave Home Control

Get connected to your home and loved ones

Z-Wave puts the power of home control and monitoring in the palm of your hand… literally. With your smart phone, tablet or PC you can control and access your Z-Wave devices at home. This means you get:

  • Peace of mind knowing your home is secure — no matter where you are
  • More money in your pocket by saving energy easily — with no sacrifice
  • Convenience like you’ve never known — one button to “shut down” your home when you leave
  • Security knowing you’ll receive an alert if there is any trouble at home — water, fire, alarm, door/window sensors

Z-Wave is a wireless technology that makes regular household products, like lights, door locks and thermostats “smart”. Z-Wave products “talk” to each other wirelessly and securely and can be accessed and controlled on your phone, tablet or PC.

By using a Z-Wave gateway you can connect to the things inside your house whether you’re at home or while you’re away. Currently there are nearly 1000 different Z-Wave products that all work together so you can choose the products that are right for your home.

10 Things to Know About Z-Wave Home Control

  • Easy to install
  • Does not require any rewiring – no new wires!
  • Any product with Z-Wave on the box works with any other
  • Affordable – get started with minimum investment and easily add on more products
  • Reliable – Over ten years in the market
  • Secure – same encryption as online banking
  • Lots of choices – styles, price points, colours, etc
  • Already 20 million products in homes worldwide
  • Biggest brand names use Z-Wave
  • 9 out of 10 leading security companies use Z-Wave

Z-Wave Network

A Z-Wave Network requires the following devices.

Controller – (Home Controller, or a Remote Control for basic service). A Home controller (Fibaro or Vera Edge) once connected to an internet enabled router allows remote control of the home from a smart phone or tablet. Programming `Scenes’ in the Home Controller is established via the customer’s PC, remote control, smart phone or tablet.

Sensors – Placed in & around the premises to deliver signals to the Controller of the change in status of a room or area. E.g. temperature, motion, luminosity, shock, smoke, gas, humidity, breakage etc. or the position of doors/windows (open or closed), drapes, stove/iron turned off etc.

Actuators – These devices receive information from the Controller & are connected inside power points, wall plates or an appliance to control various appliances & lighting. These must be connected by a licenced electrician (except Plug-In Switches).

Z-Wave on the Go

Use your smart phone

Keep an eye on things, control your energy or simply let people in your house even when you are away.

Your smart phone connects you to your home and gives you peace of mind that everything is ok, even when you’re far away.

  • Turn on the heat when you’re heading home
  • Receive an alert if something goes wrong
  • Control who goes in and out of your house
  • “Shut down” your home when you leave


Z-Wave at Home

Control it all

When you’re at home you can use your tablet or smart phone to control your environment.

Create scenes – with the touch of a button you can create “movie night” or “go to bed”. You can choose which Z-Wave products you want to control.

  • Make a “wake up” scene that warms the house, turns on a few lights and starts your coffee
  • Enjoy movie night with the family with just the right amount of light
  • Use your tablet as a bed side companion to help feel safe

Z-Wave at Work

Connect from anywhere

Using your computer you can receive instant message alerts from your home.

It’s great to stay connected with your loved ones and keep an eye on the house while at work.

  • Receive message alerts when your kids come home
  • Turn the heat off when you know you have to work late
  • Give the illusion someone is home by controlling the lights, shades and television


Home Security

Z-Wave is the leading choice for home security systems

When you power your home with Z-Wave you are able to tap into a whole ecosystem of products. Currently there are nearly 1000 Z-Wave products to choose from.

This means you can build and expand your home security system as you choose and when you choose to do so. With Z-Wave powering your security system you can link different products together and set up customizable actions.

Here’s an example, when a motion detector is tripped, it can turn on a light. The light turns on a security camera. The security camera tells your security system to send a text to your Smartphone. You can see for yourself what’s going on, and decide for yourself what needs to happen.

Z-Wave is making homes more secure everywhere.

Energy Savings

There are hundreds of simple ways to start saving energy and money using Z-Wave

From lighting, climate, irrigation and shading controls to intelligent outlets and power strips, there are hundreds of simple, interoperable Z-Wave products that let you monitor, control and manage your home energy usage.

For example, intelligent dimming (whether you’re home or not) already saves your lighting energy by 25-40%. Truly regulating your home’s thermostat with Z-Wave will save you money right away.

You can even set up a “shut down” mode for your house so when you leave the house you can instantly turn off all those chargers, computers, A/V equipment and more.

Z-Wave makes a difference both you and your wallet will feel good about!

Time Saving

Z-Wave will give you that “how did I live without it” feeling

Have you ever had to run back home to close the back door because you forgot?

Or maybe were late to an appointment because you had to run around the house turning off lights, computers, air conditioner and all the other things that are part of your “leaving the house” routine?

Well Z-Wave can be your new best friend by giving you a new convenience you’ll never want to do without.

Setting up scenes on your smart phone will let you, with one touch of a button, automatically lock all the doors, turn off the lights, fans, air conditioners, televisions, computers and just about anything else you may want to switch off before you go.

You can also do the reverse by letting your house know that you’re coming home and it will warm up for you, light up the rooms and have your favourite music playing. It means you can get the kids to school on time or get where ever you need to go, more easily.

Ageing in Place

Z-Wave is a powerful tool for helping you help your loved ones age in place safely

Whether you or someone close to you is looking after an elderly family member or friend, Z-Wave can help.

By putting just a few simple Z-Wave products in place you and your loved ones can stay connected even when you aren’t there.

Z-Wave can help allow loved ones to stay in their home longer and still be looked after. Z-Wave can monitor activity (and wellness) with sensors on doors, medicine chests, washrooms and more.

Using your phone, tablet or pc, you can automatically light up hallways and stairwells to reduce the possibility of a fall. You’ll also be able to get text or email notifications if an activity pattern is abnormal. You can even remotely open the door for health aides and other visitors, or set timers to be sure that doors are locked and everyone’s safe.